Farmers Edge

25 Rothwell Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada - R3P 2M5
Farmers Edge is a global leader in decision agriculture and independent data management solutions. Combining hardware, software, agronomy, and support, Farmers Edge provides growers with the right data to inform farm management decisions that maximize productivity and profitability. Originating in Canada, Farmers Edge is now active in five countries across the globe and has received international recognition, including the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer award and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada’s Disruptor Innovator of the Year award, for its agricultural innovations and commitment to global sustainability. For more information, visit

Products & Services

  • Technology and Practices - Agronomy
  • Technology and Practices - Drainage
  • Technology and Practices - Farm Management Technology
  • Technology and Practices - Precision Farming