Field Crop Demonstration

This new season long demonstration will feature contributions from leading seed, chemical and fertilizer suppliers, with a focus on demonstrating field crops, with the pinnacle event being held in conjunction with FutureFarm Canada Expo, July 6-8, 2017 at Olds College. Field crops will begin in spring with initial seeding.

FutureFarm Canada Expo is excited to work alongside with Olds College to facilitate the operations on this feature.

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CANTERRA SEEDS will have 14 varieties showcasing different crop types from cereals e.g. wheat, barley, oats, to canola, peas and corn. All of these varieties are suitable for Alberta farmers and our goal is to give the farmers the chance to experience them first-hand. Rather than reading about them in a brochure, they have the chance to touch the varieties, see them during development (at the Fuure Farm Show) but also before or after the Show, with the help of our experienced Territory Sales Managers.

During the Show CANTERRA SEEDS staff will take the farmer customers on a tour of the varieties and discuss in detail (if needed) all aspects related to the varieties.

Also, at our site, the visitors will be able to learn about CANTERRA SEEDS business and involvement on the Ag Industry. They will be able to learn about our involvement in cereals plant breeding due to partnering and forming Limagrain Cereals Research Canada joint-venture with one of the largest seed company in the world, Limagrain. Also, they can learn about our efforts to bring the best canola varieties to the market with superior resistance to relevant diseases such as clubroot, black leg and other without compromising yield. Lastly, they will be able to learn about CANTERRA SEED partnership with Pride Seeds to offer superior corn and soybean varieties to Western Canadian farmers.

The goal of the trial is 2 fold:

The first objective is to determine the impact of an aggressive agronomy program, based off the soil sample, to see how we drive the genetic potential of the 2 crops, canola and peas.

The second goal is to use novel tissue sampling techniques to develop a customized foliar nutrient program (aka Customized System of Chemtrition) to maintain a balanced nutrient status in the plant to maximize plant vigor and ultimately the yield of both the peas and canola.

To be a participating company in the field demonstrations, connect with us today!

Janice Wheeler

Account Manager,
FutureFarm Canada Expo

(403) 444-6528